Rental on Demand

Car rental has gone digital. Have you?

Engage a growing digital audience by offering last-minute auto rental with pre-defined pickup and drop-off dates

Whether you’re a car rental company or vehicle fleet owner, you have an amazing opportunity to offer customers an exclusive form of rental. Self-service bookings and last-minute drivers can be catered for easily with our Rental-on-Demand platform thanks a digitised processes with no human interaction.

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  • More rental deals, online and error-free. Our workflow-based approach will ensure every stage of the process is automatically undertaken and validated without need for human input.
  • Delight customers by easily extend rental periods, on-demand. Things change, and if you make it as simple as possible for the customer to change their rental period, digitally, they’ll be wedded closer to your brand.
  • 24/7 booking and vehicle pick-up. Even when your office is closed. Super-convenience is vital if you want to delight drivers. With our platform, your operation can continue efficiently, even while you sleep.
  • Retain your branding with our white-label option. Fully customise the look and feel of our platform to match your brand and design the customer experience you desire.
  • Super-fast remote implementation. The rental-on-demand platform is Cloud-based and immediately familiar to users, without lengthy installations, ensuring a fast onboarding process for you and your rental customers.


  • Intuitive app. Developed for the most popular devices and operating systems, our mobile app puts the power of car rental at your customers’ fingertips.
  • Multiple payment methods. Make payment as fast, convenient and secure as it should be, no matter where your customers are coming from.
  • Discover the exact location of your vehicles in real-time with geolocation. Gain instant knowledge of your fleet’s whereabouts and status with the tap of a finger on a fully interactive map with our fleet management module, enabled with telematics.
  • Single Sign-On. No need to switch between different OneDealer services, such as our Rental-on-Demand, Car Sharing or Fleet Management apps.

Rental on Demand in action

Ready to start the digital journey and deliver your customers care-free and flexible mobility?

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