Digital Sales Workplace

Turn more leads into sales than ever before

Μaximize your impact during every stage of the sales cycle

Digital Sales Workplace is built from a deep understanding of the new generation of car buyers. It enables car dealership sales teams to take a structured, holistic approach to the sales process and turn more inquiries into confirmed orders than ever before.

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Key Benefits

  • Maximize sales team efficiency: No more communication leaks. Sales staff work faster and smarter, thanks to a connected, workflow-based enquiry process. Response time to leads is subsequently reduced, and management can monitor sales progress in real-time and collaborate instantly with staff.

  • Boost customer satisfaction: Customers receive timely emails, SMS messages and a personalised microsite relating to their inquiry, while maintaining a clear view of the offer on the table.

  • Staff engagement: Painless navigation through a structured sales processes, auto-generated documentation and instant collaboration are delivered via an intuitive and tablet-ready web interface.

  • Fully customizable: Management can define & customise standardized workflows, with manual and automated steps, to fit any vehicle make, market segment, source/channel or customer group.

  • Cutting-edge technology: Digital Sales Workplace is built on SAP technology which delivers blistering speed and rock-solid reliability while scaling effortlessly. Available  via secure cloud.

Key Functionalities

  • Build-in Analytics

  • Intuitive customizable workflows

  • Calendars that highlight upcoming appointments and tasks.

  • Automated customer correspondence via SMS, WhatsApp and email

  • Managers can easily monitor progress and collaborate with Sales
  • Open leads, opportunities and enquiries lists filtered by sales person, customer, brand or market segment

  • Appointment and test drive scheduling
  • Compatible with New, Used and Fleet sales
  • Office 365 Integration

Digital Sales Workplace in action

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