Analytics Management

What’s really going on inside your dealership?

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Welcome to Analytics Management: The first reporting and management suite developed exclusively for auto dealerships, including industry-specific and customized KPIs. Gain a full understanding of your business and employ analytics which both encapsulates big data from all operational and transactional systems and present the information concisely

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  • Real-time performance monitoring enables you to compare performance with targets agreed with OEMs or distributors. Understand your data and take action early on to never miss a bonus payment again.

  • Monitor spare parts Optimize warehousing and reduce stocks by 15% by keeping a close eye on all spare parts movements. No more guesswork.
  • 360˚Buyer view Increase your sales efficiency by gaining access to real, actionable data on customer needs. Meet the complex modern car buyer journey head on with a 360˚ view of their interactions.
  • Competition insight: Gain instant insight into the competitive automotive landscape like never before. Access real–time comparisons of second-hand car prices while meeting with prospective customers.


  • Measure performance based on pre-defined automotive KPIs.
  • Easily explore and drill down into every single transaction.
  • Focus on the actual revenue and profit/loss of your sales department.
  • Lightning-fast in-memory technology.

  • Access real-time competition data.

Build-In Analytics

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