At the time of writing, the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has pushed the digital imperative even further forward. This unfortunate time will thankfully pass, but the need for auto dealerships to arm themselves with capabilities to operate digitally, both for customer-facing operations and in the back office, will live on well beyond.

Is your dealership equipped for the digital-centric customer journey?

Here are six reasons why time is running out to futureproof your business by digitizing every core process.

1. You can take care of the entire customer journey

OneDealer gives your business capabilities to achieve end-to-end digital management of every automotive retail touchpoint.

This extends from the dealership’s digital presence through to sales and after-sales automation, lead management and online service booking. Even car sharing and customer experience management can all be digitized.

2. It will happen quickly – and remotely

Forward-thinking businesses will see the periods of low activity such as the current one, as an ideal time to reorganize and enact radical digital transformation.

The best news? Cloud automotive CRM and DMS solutions can be implemented far quicker than their on-premise counterparts. And in OneDealer’s case, our engineering teams have repeatedly fully onboarded automotive customers in a record less than 45 days, while working 100% remotely.

3. Going Cloud is the only way to go

Now is the time to make the leap to the Cloud, if you haven’t already done so.

Every OneDealer module is Cloud-based and offered as-a-service. That translates into zero infrastructure investment, a lower total cost of ownership and better reliability. Most importantly, the Cloud will result in much tighter security for your data and the ability to scale with ease.

4. Powerful automation in the palm of your hand

Dealership software that’s built with a mobile-first mindset enables the key features teams rely on to scale down to virtually any sized device.

This benefits the customer too, who can browse virtual dealerships, configure their dream cars and request a test drive or book a service visit, all from their smartphone.

Sales and aftersales teams can also more easily collaborate and reach out to customers from their smartphones or tablet while management staff remain in full view of sales workflows.

5. Existing customers will return – again and again

The expectations of the new generation of car buyers can only be met with disruptive, digital solutions.

This is why OneDealer, built with the customer in mind, enables a true omnichannel experience. With minimal human contact and the ability to leverage every digital channel, this enables dealerships to consistently delight customers and invite plenty of repeat business.

6. It’s more affordable than you think

Today, digital transformation is affordable for businesses of all sizes.

OneDealer is offered in modular, software-as-a-service licensing with affordable recurring fees which allow you to keep your total cost of ownership under control and scale your business up flexibly.

Customizing and onboarding OneDealer is just as cost-effective, too, with far less requirements for expensive on-site hardware or lengthy personnel training.

Wrapping up

There’s no argument against upping the ante when it comes to digitization in the automotive retail sector. The time for the virtual dealership is now and the digital imperative shows no signs of slowing as the industry evolves.